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Dear Reformer,

There are too many Christians talking about God but not thinking LIKE God. They stay satisfied talking about human things from a human perspective.  This isolated vantage point is driven by a limited orphan mentality. From here, we are not able to solve the problems around us using the thinking that got us there in the first place.  

We need to learn HOW to think with God by restoring permission to love God with our Mind.   

This is Divine Intelligence.  

We are seated in heavenly places and thus, our thinking can rise to our cosmic position in Christ - and we get to think with God. The renewed mind experience is a divine invitation of accessing the brilliance of heaven. In Christ, we have access to the deepest realm of thought that leads to ultimate wisdom and understanding from our union.   

Thinking with God is not about securing salvation, it’s about increasing awareness that leads to manifesting these thought-realities now. Wisdom and understanding are necessary to confront the most complex and intimidating scenarios in our world. 

Reformation is here.  If we’re going to reform the systems of the world, we need to learn how to think with God so that the new reforms introduced into society look more like heaven and less like party, denomination, or status. 

So how do you think with God to access wisdom and understanding?  What does God think about when he thinks about human intelligence?  There are commonly 9 major realms of human intelligence and God has a divine perspective on each of them.  

Over the next 9 months, we will train you on how to approach Divine Intelligence in each of these 9 realms of human intelligence.  


Each month we will take a deep look at all the areas of your life that need divine intelligence

  • September - Financial Intelligence

    Learn wisdom and understanding on how to approach financial systems, confront Mammon, and walk in freedom towards the new era of global finance.

  • October - Analytics Intelligence

    Learn how to come to truth conclusions that set people free by allowing logic and data to serve the presence of God.

  • November - Meta Intelligence

    Discover why you exist and how to live a life of eternal significance today, while accessing existential wisdom and understanding.

  • December - E-Motion Intelligence

    Understanding yourself interpersonally, and how to access your supernatural data receptors, will increase your internal world at a level you can’t imagine.

  • January - Physiological Intelligence

    Your mind and your body are ruled by your spirit when your spirit is alive unto God. When discrepancies are eliminated, your mind and body begin to coordinate divine outcomes together like never before.

  • February - Language Intelligence

    Wisdom creates language, and language opens up understanding. Governing and equipping renewed mind realities starts in offering new language to see God differently.

  • March - Collaborative Intelligence

    Collaborative Intelligence allows for us to be aware of how others experience us and how to relate on a higher level. What’s happening in the spirit when we are relating with others who are equally as aware of themselves as we are?

  • April - Cultural Intelligence

    How we see the world and the systems that regulate it are directly connected to how you see the divine. Law and order, cultural constructs, and governments need wisdom and understanding so that kingdom dominion is exercised for the greater good of all.

  • May - Cosmos Intelligence

    All of creation is a blueprint of God’s nature, heart, and thoughts towards us. What is a redemptive view of the rocks crying out, the stars navigating, and the earth groaning? Be prepared to be blown away.

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Meet Your Instructors

Drew Neal | Brian Orme


Drew Neal is an international speaker and trainer that champions people and organizations with authentic solutions. With 20 years of experience, Drew has spoken across the US, Europe and Asia in front of thousands as well as consulted with with top innovative marketplace and NGO leadership teams. Passionate to build the next generation of leaders with courage to think differently, he also runs GenONE in Detroit, MI. Having raised over 1.7 million dollars over the last few years, this nonprofit addresses fatherless outcomes in families, literacy and economic development. Drew resides in Metro Detroit with his wife and four children.


Brian has over 21 years of experience developing and deploying world changers on universities, which helped to shape his passion for the merging of the intellectual and mystical. He is an international speaker and trainer that empowers others to live an ascended life in the limitless Kingdom of God. Along with helping to start two businesses, Brian is the founder of the nonprofit, Kingdomstrate, which exists to equip and empower others to demonstrate the Kingdom of God. He is also the co-founder of Kingdom Reformers and Infinitivity. Brian carries a father’s heart, a sense of humor, and a strong desire to provoke others out of religiosity and into the reality of sonship. He has authored five books that are used in several countries. Brian and his wife reside in San Diego, California with their two children.