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The content in the Borme Bundle will challenge, inspire, provoke, encourage, and propel you deeper in the discovery of your identity in Christ and your purpose in the earth. This content is over two years worth of The Borme Identity Podcast!

Borme Bundle Content

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    Borme Bundle Videos

    • Discernment Needed
    • Magnify the Lord
    • Demonology
    • Foxy Relationship
    • Bible For Us Not To Us
    • Certainty and Intimacy
    • Diving into Deliverance
    • Dreaming
    • Finished Victory
    • From Babel to the Upper Room
    • God is Family
    • Offensive Liberty
    • Persistent Relationships
    • The Weapon of Adoration
    • Where's the Relationship?
    • Be a Sign of the Times
    • Dreamscape
    • Crisis of Confusion
    • Interacting with the Heavenly Realms
    • The Complexity and Simplicity of the Trinity
    • 3 Realms of Responsibility
    • Circle of Creation
    • Son and King
    • Can Enemy Read Your Mind?
    • Feasting Lifestyle
    • Process of Persistence
    • Jesus and the Cosmos
    • The Graced USB
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    Borme Bundle Audio

    • Ages and the Zodiac
    • Not Knowing Where You're Going
    • Mystical Phenomenon
    • Office Grace
    • How God Reveals His Nature
    • Throne Perspective
    • Reframing Mysticism
    • Eternal Intelligence
    • Orphan Matrix
    • The Right People for The Right Time
    • The Temple and Triune Existence
    • Same Through the AGES
    • Obstacles and Promises
    • Women, Revelation, and Wisdom
    • Cosmic Confrontation
    • Pure Gospel
    • Superluminal Spirit Acceleration
    • Decentralized Church Part II
    • Nonlocal to Local Living
    • Ordering Sacred Space
    • Adopted Affection
    • Facing a War of Attrition
    • Decentralized Church
    • Vulnerable Intimacy
    • Stewarding the Presence

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Brian Orme


Brian Orme

Brian is an author, minister, and spiritual advisor. He is passionate about empowering others to live an ascended life in Christ, become aware of the limitless Kingdom, and encounter the Father’s love. Brian has been a forerunner in ministry for the past 21 years, dedicating his life to reaching students on secular universities. His out of the box thinking, humor, love for people, and strategic and prophetic insight has brought him across the U.S. and world to connect with churches, ministries, business leaders, and more. Brian’s style of speaking and consulting, including his unique perspective of Kingdom realities have kept his calendar full. Brian lives in San Diego with his wife Cecilee and his daughter Eowyn and son Liam. He is the author of the following books: Jumpstart, Little Beans and a Big God, The Ascended Life Volume I, The Ascended Life: Volume II and Remember When.